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The Defence Dental Services in the UK is responsible for the dental treatment of servicemen and servicewomen of HM Forces and treatment is provided for these personnel at the Dental Centre.
The Dental Centre can be contacted on ext 8907.

The Dental Centre is open during normal working hours. It is closed between 1230 hrs and 1330 hrs.


Working Hours: If you have a problem please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange for you to be seen. If there is no Dental Officer at Buckley Barracks then the staff will arrange for you to be seen at another nearby Dental Centre.

Outside Working Hours: If you require emergency dental treatment for the acute relief of pain please contact the Main Guardroom on ext 8861 who will put you in contact with the duty dental team providing emergency cover.

Whilst on leave in the UK: Service personnel requiring urgent emergency treatment whilst on leave in the UK (but not the Channel Islands) are to contact the nearest DDS clinic, where the necessary arrangements will be made for treatment. Where this is impractical personnel can seek emergency treatment from a NHS civilian dental practitioner. Only costs incurred for emergency treatment for the acute relief of pain will be refunded (for example a temporary filling NOT a permanent filling).


The Medical Centre provides Primary Care for Service Personnel. There is a Civilian Medical Practitioner (CMP) and one civilian nurse in attendance during opening hours.

Information for families is located under the Healthcare of Families.


The following clinics are available:

Minor Surgery
Smoking Cessation
Well Men
Well Women

Appointments are available on ext 8906.



The dispensary is open Mon - Fri : 0815 hrs - 1230 hrs

Repeat Presriptions If you are on long term medication please ask the Doctor if it is appropriate to have this on a repeat prescription. Either:

a. Hand in directly to the Dispensary staff.

b. By post (for attention of the dispensary staff)

Please allow a minimum of 2 working days (5 if request sent by post). Repeat presriptions are only available for collection during normal dispensary opening hours (see above).

Note: Patients on repeat prescriptions are reviewed at least every six months. The date you are due to be reviewed is on the requestform attached to the prescription.


All medicals must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.



MRS Tidworth provide the out of hours service for this location. This service is available Mon - Fri 1630 hrs - 0730 hrs and weekends/Public holidays.

Telephone: Mil 94342 2640 or 01980 602285.

Out of hours emergency advice line (outside surgery hours) 94342 2285 or 01980 602285.


Physiotherapy is available at the gymnasium at Buckley Barracks. The service is only available through a referral from the Civilian Medical Practitioner (CMP). All soldiers are reminded that it is a very busy department and no direct approach should be made.



Please note that the majority of people posted to Buckley Barracks and living in the immediate vicinity, register with Gable House Surgery, Malmesbury.

If you do not wish to register with this doctor please try one of the others listed.

NHS Help line number is 0845 7581926 for further enquiries.
For a list of local NHS practitioners please tel: 01380 728899 Wilts Health Authority.
NHS Dental Treatment: Over recent years it has become increasingly difficult for adults to obtain emergency or routine NHS dental treatment. NHS Dental Access Centres provide mainly emergency NHS dental care for patients not already registered with a dentist.

The NHS Dental Access Centre for this area is located at Chippenham Hospital. Telephone 01249 456633.

NHS Direct also operate a Dental Help line which can be contacted on 0845 7581926

Health Visitor

The local Health Visitor is attached to the Malmesbury Family Health Centre (next to Gable House Surgery) and visits the Community Centre once a month. This is normally the 1st Monday of each month.

Please check the Buckley Bugle for dates and timings.

There is also a clinic held every Wednesday between 10.00 hrs and 12.00 hrs at Malmesbury Family Health Centre.
The Helpline number: 0845 4647